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ok well i'm....kinda bored i guess. idk...igot my new laptop which i am completely in love with. hehe! and also i got a myspaceso ok....if you want to see it just go to umm mummum...

that should be it...if not then idk...just leave me a comment then and i'll give it to you that way. i like it. its a good way to make friends. alot better than lj. which by the way newby i'm going to get you to get a myspace wether you like it or not. teehee! you'll like know you wiiiiill. hehe!! my pussy cat keeps crawling on my lap and hitting the keys on here. stupid pussy! hahahahahahahahahahaha!

ok well that's just about it. i need a b/f. a good one. one that wont lie. and one that will tell me how pretty i am and kiss me when i least expect it and talk to me. just talk. i like to talk. apparently. lmao! cha cha talk talk. ok shutting up cuz now i sound like some of those stupid bimbos and skanks at school that never know what the fuck they are talking about. oy...stupid ppl i swear to bob! ok im done

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