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it's been forever

ok wow it's been forever since i last updated for ya'll.i'm major bored here. i don't have a computer at home. i actually haven't for a few months. i'm at chad's mommies house right now using her comp. yeah this barely ever happens. so i'm using this time to my advantage. boredom boredom you go!! somethin to say!

i figured out today that school doesn't even start for another month. ugh...kind of sux ass cuz i need something to put mymind to. i have so much to worry about this year. psat's sat's and act's. ugh!! but...i have to take them. i REALLY REALLY want to try and go to princeton.then i also need to TRY and do community service so that i have a better chance of getting into NHS.(which i REALLY want that also)

then...for the big is pregnant. yeah...a half baby brother or sister on the way. so now we are lookin to have a new house built on a lot that we might buy in this housing area called central park. the highschool is concord but we're not gonna tell them that we are moving. i'm graduating from alb and that's the bottom line. i can't wait to move though! the one we like alot is 2 story, 3 bedrooms, 3 bath rooms, a kitchen, dining room, breakfast area, family room, living room, and a huge ass balcony over looking the staircase. i love it! i hope we move!! but they have to build the house which everything would be done in 2 months easy. so's all good i guess.

all my love!!

xoxoxoxxoxxoxox <3
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