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i love my life

wow today was fun as hell!! i swear...i am so happy these days. i don't care about having a boy friend or anything like that! i just care about what i'm doing w/ my life and how all my friends are doing. (i love you guys so much! britny and kerri: when is that honeymoon?! i want pizza! lmao)you guys are so funny. w/o you my life would be boring. hehe. plus...i love making you guys all laugh. it's fun and it makes you guys happy and makes me happy as well. anywho...

today was pretty eventful. santa, kayla, and i all caught 2 people doin it in the drink machine room by the band and chorus rooms during 2nd block. it was nasty as hell. some big fat ass black chick and some tiny lil black dude. ugly as a mother fucker!! ew! mr. robinson had us three al go down to his office and fill out these forms telling them what we saw. and our names don't get out to ANYONE. so that's good. yeah...but i don't give a damn if my name gets out or not cuz everyone already knows who caught them. me, jessica, and kayla.

i got to talk to him today in 4th block. it was so damn funny. i love talking to him. he doesn't cuss or anything and it's not cuz of his daddy being a reverend and all. it's cuz he said that it's pointless; when you can just say real words to describe something why do you have to say one word that is actually quite general instead of descriptive?? that's how he put's all good. he makes alot of sense. him and damaal got divorced today. lmao! (long's just a joke between us that we came up w/ yesterday) and he killed damaal's baby cuz he left the baby in the car parking lot w/ the windows rolled up in 80 degree weather. lmfao!! so funny! my not sound too funny just by reading it on here but it was sooo funny when we were talking about it in class. hehe! i had to sign their divorce papers as a witness saying that i saw "him" sign it as well as damaal. hehe! funny. damaal keeps telling him that i like him when he needs to stop!! and damaal did tell him today and he just said,"she can't help it. i just always have that affect on people." we all just laughed. and then i said,"oooh so that's why damaal is so attracted to you still...even after the divorce and all." lmao! i can't wait to tell britny everything that happened. she's going to hold it against him in class. see cuz...she actually sits in front of him. i just sat there the past couple days cuz britny is at virginia beach until tomorrow morning. awwww....i miss her. i didn't get to see kerri today either. :( and i can't talk to her all weekend cuz she's grounded from the phone and the computer for 28 more days. sux ass. 

not everything is too great though. terry (chad's step dad) is in the hospital. he only has today to live. and if he's lucky he'll still be alive tomorrow. it's so sad. i cried last night but i'm ok. it's even sadder cuz he's been dying the past 3 years but finally his liver is failing on him. he's been in the hospital all week! today is his last day. mom wants me to go see him before he passes away but ican't do it. mom and dad made me go to see grandpa hack a couple weeks before he passed on and it killed me when he died. i didn't cry at the funeral though. i cry now though...cuz i miss him. i'm never going to see him again. he died when i was 12 years old and i will never see him again. never. i can still remember the way that he smelled when i gave him hugs at christmas. it's weird.....i feel as if he's still here. like he never left me and my family. maybe he still is here. maybe we never really...leave. we're always here, just not in the same form. i guess i'll just have to wait and see won't i? guess so. gtg now.  

all my love,

Jessica N. Hack

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