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looooooooooooong week

hello there....i'm kinda bored i guess so i just thought i should update from this past monday or whenever it was...

this has been a REALLY long week. least it sure seemed like it. on Tuesday(the 26th) me and matt decided to go out. so we're boyfriend and girlfriend. we're really far apart but i don't care. the distance doesn't matter to me, and it doesn't seem to matter to him either. i like him alot and he says that he likes me alot too, so it's all great. i havent gotten to talk to him all day today though. :_( he had to work and i don't know when he gets off, so basicly i don't know when i'll be able to talk to him tonight if i get to talk to him at all. (i hope i'll get to!) but i can go w/o talking to him cuz i know that even if i don't talk to him that he is there. i know that he is apart of my life and that makes me really happy to know. he makes me happy, and i hope that i make him feel happy too. is good. school is almost over and i can't wait until it's over so that summer vacation can finally start!! school is's the same EVERY SINGLE day!! sux arse! it's ok me something to do every day. lol! on monday i don't have to go to any of my classes cuz i'm going to the mall to set up an art showcase w/ a whole bunch of people for ms. hardin. that's going to be fun. if ms. hardin lets starr and brian drive then i'm going to ride w/ them. well...starr asked me if i could so i said,"hells yeah!". lol! starr is really cool. i like talkin to her in art and everything. yeah...we hang. lmao! plus i don't want to ride w/ ms. hardin in her old truck. lol! but yeah...that'll be really fun to ride w/ her and brian. ms. hardin said that *cough* is most likely going and i asked her if i could kill him while we were there....she said,"sure you can! just don't be too loud while you're doing all that at the mall." lmao!! she's funny!

well gtg now. well..i don't really HAVE to go. but i've written enough so i'm done. nm more to say. lol!

all my love!! <3 <3

Jessica N. Hack

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